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There are many moving parts involved in marketing and the online elements increase in importance with each passing day. But, marketing is a system, and to effectively operate this system you must assemble and integrate each of the important parts into something that looks like the whole. Your online presence is your key to the success of the business online exposure.

The process begins with Website Optimization and SEO. Inputs are used to begin Branding your business name. Inputs are Social Media accounts that help to build your online exposure and create traffic to your website.

Once this is completed and all Social Media Branding is in place Google Bots find it very easy to begin the process of match everything related to your business name all on one page of search engines. This work and process can take over 4 to 8 weeks of online work before any improvement is seen and the process shows all of your related online business in one page of search engines. It takes many hours each day of trail and error as no one person or company in this SEO business knows what makes Google tick. Google's Authorium is only known to Google.